The baby and toddler collection

Obaïbi designs modern and ergonomic collections that can be mixed and matched, supporting parents and children through those first moments of life.
With essential items designed to be suitable for every stage, from birth through those first moments of awakening senses, these collections, which are crafted with soft and stretchy materials, place great emphasis on the wellbeing and comfort of the baby.

Our product expertise

Be it moving, catching, running or falling, every child explores the world around it, testing its autonomy. Obaïbi designs ranges of items made of flexible, durable and sturdy materials, which enable children from 0 to 3 years to grow with total freedom of movement.
Obaïbi develops great products that are well-thought-out and ergonomic, meeting children’s wellbeing and comfort needs.

The love basics

Our basics enable you to find user-friendly and effective products for your baby’s most basic of needs, with pieces that are comfortable, practical, colourful and fun, yet also high-quality and at unbeatable prices.

Our approach to quality and the environment

Obaïbi is committed to designing ergonomic and durable clothing that has been tested to ensure its high quality and its safety in relation to children.
Obaïbi is also committed to an eco-design approach and develops environmentally friendly products with new materials that are more sustainable and responsible.

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