Enabling each child to be a stakeholder that is responsible and happy.


An aesthetic approach set in the current zeitgeist, which is based on iconic reference points from collective memory, and enabling each child to express his/her tastes and identity.


Iconic products inspired by childhood collections, developed in partnership with renowned designers and accessible to the greatest number of people.

First collection of Okaïdi eaux de toilette, designed by Ora Ïto


Beneficial products that are suitable for the needs of the child and exclusive value-added products: sturdy and functional, fun and technical, environmentally friendly and certified.

Committed & responsible

Based around the 12 values together with the Rights of the Child, Okaïdi educates and encourages children to be stakeholders that are responsible and happy.

Okaïdi is committed to a progressive approach, so that the world develops in the interests of children as they grow up: ACT FOR KIDS!

Connecting the world's children through music.

Protecting the oceans.

Acting in the interests of the fragility of childhood across the world.

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