Discover our ideas, big and small, for getting involved to benefit every growing child.

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Protecting the essential
rights of all children

Our mission is to encourage children to be actively involved, responsible and happy. This means encouraging their learning, protecting their essential rights and raising their awareness so that they have the means to take action in the future.

In the countries where we operate, OKAÏDI supports a number of associations and their initiatives to protect children’s rights and combat harassment.

In Bangladesh, we are funding a school enrolment programme to promote access to education and provide the best possible learning conditions for children in Mirpur, Dhaka.

1,400 pupils have been enrolled since 2014.

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Offering love
to all babies

Obaïbi is committed to helping the younger generation of parents and their children grow up with confidence.

To enhance its expertise, OBAÏBI works with experts in early childhood development to design its products and promote the well-being and emotional safety of all babies.

We also support projects and associationsthat work with young children to develop links between parents and children and ensure the essential needs of the most vulnerable babies are met.

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Supporting the most
vulnerable families

Every day, the OKAÏDI teams fight against precariousness by initiating local initiatives such as clothing donations.

Since its creation in 2007, the We Act For Kids action fund has been working with OKAÏDI and the brands in the ÏDKIDS community to develop initiatives to help the world’s most vulnerable children.

Together, let’s act for the good
of future generations: We Act For Kids !

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